2018/2019 Competitive Dance Team



  • Minimum one full year dance experience or two years gymnastics experience

  • Must prioritize attendance and at home practice above all other extra curricular activities *this includes family holidays and skiing

  • Commitment to three regional competitions as well as one convention


Competitive Dance started at Mountain Movement to give our dancers an opportunity to perform more often and gain exposure to the the dance world outside of our small town. It is a program where dancers and teachers are expected to give their best each and everyday.  In exchange for your commitment we will provide a superior level of coaching and support to our dancers, excellent communication with parents, an extremely positive environment and as many external opportunities as possible. We take our jobs as teachers and dance ambassadors very seriously and your child's well being is our top priority.  All teams will take classes from both Hayley and Chantal to offer a variety in teaching styles. Also please note no acro training will be offered next year at Mountain Movement, dancers are encouraged to join the Gymnaestrada Team at your local gymnastics club.


For all teams: each choreography class will require a costume and bring a routine to competition. Required technique classes are in-studio training only.