2018/2019 Recreational Dance

At Mountain Movement there is a place for everybody! We strive to make everyone feel special and safe. You'll find an inclusive, respectful environment for your child to grow into the be dancer they want to be. We've tried our best to make sure there are at least two different style classes available to most age groups and on different days of the week. We hope that, at the recreational level, your child won't have to choose between their other extracurriculars, especially when there are so many great programs in our area.

Dance is not an instant gratification activity and even at the recreational level we envision ourselves to be a progressive dance studio. It is because of this that we do ask for a nine month commitment. This gives us enough time to teach your dancer technique, new moves, etiquette and a choreographed, confident dance routine for the year end recital. 

Please take a moment before registering to review our policies. Once you hit the "Register" button you will be able to view a class schedule. 

 Recreational Season and Fees

  • Commitment to classes runs September 10th- June 1st 2019
  • There are 34 weeks of classes in our recreational calendar.
  • Hour long classes are $350 for the year. 45 minute classes are $280 . This fee is payable in three terms due on September 1st, December 1st and March 1st and Year End Recital Costume Fees Due March 1st
  • Invoices are emailed one month in advance and payment can be made with Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cash.
  • Any with drawls from classes must be done after the second week of classes to ensure a positive change can be made before giving up the class. Please make Hayley aware of any issues ASAP.
  • Any withdrawls after the first month are subject to a half terms withdrawl fees. Please understand we don't allow new registration part way through the year so we are losing your spot by doing so. 

Dress Code- will be strictly enforced this year. There will be back up attire at the studio for dancers dressed inappropriately!

All Classes: Hair must be tied back, no chewing gum, no denim, minimal jewelry (getting accidentally hit in the face with a watch hurts!)

Ballet: Body Suit, tights (not leggings), ballet slippers, ballet skirts are optional, Ballet Bun

Jazz: Dancewear, bare feet or jazz shoes

Tap: Dancewear, tap shoes

Hip Hop: Clean indoor sneakers, comfortable stretch attire

Pre-Dance and Hip Hop Tots: Comfortable attire, bare feet

Parent Code of Ethics

  • All dance families staff are to be treated with respect The studio waiting room should be a positive, stress free environment. Any rude or malicious communication whether via email, phone or in person will not be tolerated. We want to ensure all questions, concerns, and suggestions are properly addressed and would be happy to discuss all issues in a calm respectful manner.